About This Blog

ElectrotonicLetters was born of a desire to assemble think pieces inspired by my dissertation research. For me, the benefit is twofold: I extend the scope of my work while cultivating a public space to explore ideas with a (hopefully) curious and receptive audience.  I am passionate about contributing to a public literacy of energy matters and their historical roots. This is more important today than ever before because our current climate emergency requires our ongoing engagement with the politics of sustainability and transitions to renewable energy sources.

This blog's utility depends on who you are. But, despite its arguably niche content, I am convinced that just about anyone can benefit from these postings. Consider this: do you care about the environment and climate change and wish to know more about how we got ourselves into this mess? This blog is for you. Are you a science enthusiast who is curious about the history of thermodynamics and energy physics, more broadly? This blog is for you. Maybe you're a history buff and want a deeper dive into energy science's role in the age of New Imperialism? This blog is for you. Have you read Victorian novels and find yourself wondering how on earth thermodynamics and Dickens are connected? This blog is for you. And finally, maybe you know absolutely nothing about the Victorian era and absolutely nothing about energy physics, but are intrigued enough to have read this far. This blog is still for you.

In addition to publishing substantive, well-researched postings, Electrotonicletters.com is a toolkit of resources for those who want to learn more about the Energy Humanities, Victorian Literature and Culture, Science Studies, and Nineteenth-Century Physics. As a scholar, there's nothing I love more than falling down a research rabbit hole; and as a former college instructor, I am energized by organizing and explaining what I know. No matter how you found your way to Electrotonicletters, I'm happy you're here. I hope you will find these postings and resources rewarding and helpful.

Happy exploring!

-Kameron Sanzo, Ph.D.

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